ACCESSORIES REPORT: Two Hats Are Better Than None

Accessories Report

I always keep my eye out for flashy accessories and trendy outfits just about wherever I go. I was sitting in the lobby of a building on campus when something caught my eye. Not only did I see one gentleman with a fabulous hat walking in my direction, but two! I thought the scene of two very different guys, with two very different styles—with the same main accessory—was too picture perfect! They did not know each other, but got to talking because they noticed each others hats! It just goes to show you how this accessory (which is not too common among EWU’s campus), was able to grab my attention.

This pair of opposites admitted to not being “fashion-savvy,” but on a good day, will throw something together to make themselves stand out, and boy, did they stand out! We got our Western-inspired look on the left and our rocker on the right. Our Westerner is sporting a long, black trench coat matched with a pair of all black jeans and a button-down shirt. He found his genuine, leather hat and gloves at a shop in Oregon. Our rocker added a casual feel to his outfit by pairing his blue jeans with a simple, black blazer from H&M. To top it off, he’s wearing a black fedora he bought from Nordstrom. To stick to his rocker look, he wears a custom necklace from Wonders of the World.

I know a lot of college students do not like to accessorize with the “fancier” kind of hats like, fedoras, newsboy caps or berets, when most prefer to stick to baseball caps and beanies. But oh, what a shame, because these two gentleman were able to tip the ends of their “fancy” hats at me as we parted! When do you ever see that?!

Spotted: The spring line of rag & bone is crawling with all kinds of hats and headpieces! From fedoras to caps, you’ll find that they are a staple in their line!


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