ACCESSORIES REPORT: Travel Light With a Mini Purse

Accessories Report

The first week of school at UCLA is officially over, which is a scary feeling when you are dealing with the quarter system.That means that students have 10 weeks to learn what in high school normally took a year. It’s a scary system because some students probably have midterms coming up. The stress of this idea often results in tense faces and bad wardrobe choices. Each day I see an increase in the amount of individuals wearing sweats and gym shorts. I too occasionally (well more like frequently) roll out of bed and just put on a pair gym shorts and running shoes. Usually it’s not because I’m lazy that I do this, but because I stayed up late reading or studying. There’s hope for the college fashion world however. Observe today’s Fashionista. And lazy, sleepy individuals like me, please repeat, “No gym shorts for me today!”

Today’s Fashionista stands out from the rest of the book carrying flock. She keeps things light and instead of a big, bulky backpack she chooses to wear a small purse big enough to carry essential items such as pencils and calculators! Though very simple, the purse features two key zippers that add an edgy style to her ensemble. Never take simplicity for granted however. The simplest items are usually the best investments, because they guarantee that you wear them over and over again. Other key accessories include a bold necklace, which speaks for itself. It’s big, it’s bold and it’s chic!

Now back to that purse! That simple black purse is so versatile. Just imagine it with casual blue jeans or a sophisticated dress. The purse goes well with both casual and dressier occasions. To celebrate its versatility, I’ve come up with a list of school appropriate purses to start the school year off right!  Feeling like trying something bright, try this Nine West mini cross-body bag. It’s perfect for moving from class to a day out. Or for those needing more space to fit homework and other knickknacks, satchels are the way to go!

Spotted: Mini satchels in the 3.1 Phillip Lim fall 2013 runway collection.


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