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With summer approaching and days at the beach being in the near future of all Fashionistas/os on the East Coast, a few hours at the gym each day has made its way onto many schedules. Beach-ready bodies and an all around healthy lifestyle are the real trends this time of year, so we need some good fashion trends to complement them as well. I spotted a Fashionista leaving the gym who put her purple yoga mat down and stopped to discuss a trend we’ve been seeing all over the runways and sidewalks—trainers.

This Fashionista had a busy day filled with plans and had no time to stop by her apartment to change her clothes after the gym. She was prepared with layers to turn her yoga outfit into one that would be suitable for a walk down South Street. Overtop of her white T-shirt worn with yoga pants, she layered a denim button-down shirt and wore a black cross-body bag.

Brands like Nike and lululemon show how important it is to be stylish during work out sessions. They design colorful and fashionable work out ensembles and accessories that will seriously make you feel good about your outfit, which used to be an uncommon feeling for gym apparel. Similar to this Fashionista’s gray, blue and purple sneakers, brands make tons of cool trainers in every color combination you could think of.

Sneakers like these are a must-have this spring, especially if you’re planning on spending some time at the gym. If you’re not planning on working out anytime soon, it’s still beneficial to have a pair incase an event arises that requires you to wear athletic shoes. If you want to participate in a breast cancer walk on Mother’s Day, your combat boots won’t cut it… And if your friends ever decide to randomly have a kickball tournament, your pumps will not get your team the win.

The key to having a functional wardrobe is to have a variety of shoes to choose from. Instead of purchasing multiple pairs of sandals this spring, opt for a pair of trainers like this Fashionista did. You can thank me later!

Spotted: Need more convincing that this type of sneaker is a must-have accessory? Check out Chanel’s fall 2014 ready-to-wear collection. A trip to the grocery store never looked so chic.



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