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It’s quarter to eight in the morning, your alarm has gone off three times already but the snooze button is just so appealing. Class starts in 15 minutes and your eyes are still practically glued shut as you grab random pieces out of the closet hoping that they somewhat match. The only thing that keeps you going is the promise of the most delicious black liquid known to college kind: coffee.

It’s the inevitable consequence of staying up until two in the morning to finish a project (or watch endless Netflix episodes). Why not proclaim your love of coffee for all the world to see? This Fashionista is in love with her coffee and proud of it. Her tote bag is the perfect way to show off her favorite beverage, and practical to boot.

Backpacks can ruin an outfit. They will wrinkle the shoulders of even the neatest blouse, and keep a creative Fashionista from showing off her lace back shirt and fun printed bandeau. Sometimes a big leather purse just isn’t the right fit either, and a busy College Fashionista needs a place to store all her necessities. That is where the canvas tote comes in.

They’re usually color neutral in the classic off-white canvas (although can come in different shades like these conversation starters) and are super cheap. Buying three or four tote bags to show off different aspects of your personality won’t hit your bank account nearly as hard as even one genuine leather bag. However that doesn’t mean they can’t be sturdy. Lands’ End makes a tote bag that has been a market staple for decades and comes in colors for literally every outfit. They even offer free monogramming!

Still not feeling the tote trend? Don’t worry. Michael Kors makes a coffee colored tote that even this week’s coffee loving Fashionista would be proud of.

Spotted: In the Burberry Prorsum fall 2014 collection the models all sport beautifully painted structured tote bags. Some of them even sport canvas in quite unexpected ways.


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