ACCESSORIES REPORT: Tortoiseshell Timepiece

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If there’s one thing I’ll take away from my past four years at UD, it would have to be time management. Being in college typically means you spend most of your time in classes, at work, doing homework or studying, participating in clubs or activities and the list goes on. Needless to say, your days are fully packed. A lot of us college students have had those all too familiar feelings where we wish there were just a few more hours in the day.

In order to juggle such a busy schedule and make the most out of the precious 24 hours available to us, it is essential for college students to wear a watch every day! Watches help us keep track of our time; they’re convenient since we wear them on our wrists. Watches are obviously very useful when it comes to mastering time management in college. In addition to its many key benefits, a watch can also do so much more as an accent piece with the right attire!

Check out this Fashionista’s outfit. She showcased her trendsetting style with a tortoiseshell watch. Tortoiseshell is a unique material, originally made from the shells of actual hawksbill turtles. This timeless design has become a widespread trend among high fashion accessories. Mixed with a fall-inspired color scheme, this Fashionista’s arm candy certainly made a statement.

Her burgundy denim, paired with a classic chambray top, truly says fall. Burgundy is a rich color of the season, and especially reminds me of when the leaves start to change colors. Chambray tops are traditional fashion basics. The luxury of a chambray top is that it can be worn with many different styles of bottoms and still look stylish. Chambray tops make accessorizing effortless.

I love how this Fashionista embellished her chambray top with a patterned scarf, which really ties her whole outfit together. The colors in the pattern work well with her burgundy-colored denim. Her Sperry Top-Siders simply add the perfect touch of prep to this feminine and fall-inspired look. Overall, a tortoiseshell watch is the ideal statement piece in this Fashionista’s outfit. The shades of brown complement her fall season color palette, and the abstract pattern creates an edgy alternative to a more common silver or gold watch.

Just because the turtle hides inside its shell when it’s afraid, doesn’t mean you should too! Fashionistas, don’t be afraid to express your style. Come out of your shell this season and show off your trendy tortoiseshell watch! Now you can manage your busy college schedules in style.

Spotted: The bold tortoiseshell arm candy trend appeared on the spring 2013 Alexander McQueen ready-to-wear runway show.


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