ACCESSORIES REPORT: To Infinity And Beyond

Accessories Report

Hello, Fashionistas! Aren’t you glad that it’s Friday? With classes, work, extracurricular activites and social activities, the life of a college student can be very stressful. When you stay up all night analyzing your life while writing a psychology paper, having to wake up for your morning class often seems unthinkable. On those mornings, it seems impossible find the energy to put together a cute outfit. Luckily for you, this week’s Fashionista shows off an accessory that is both easy to wear and fashionable—the infinity scarf!

I spotted this Fashionista on the way to my afternoon philosophy class. She was heading to her car to go home and she seemed surprised when I explained that I wanted to feature her on a college fashion website. She even told me that she didn’t even put that much effort into her outfit! But that, Fashionistas, is the beauty of this style. Our accidental Fashionista wore cuffed skinny jeans, a simple gray T-shirt and cognac moccasins. She topped off the look with a multicolored infinity scarf. The scarf added personality and style to her outfit with one easy twist; the bright colors give a subtle nod to the hint of springtime, which is just around the corner.

One of the perks of the infinity scarf is how wearable it is. When you see someone like Angelina Jolie wearing a casually elegant masterpiece on her neck, it looks so simple. However, when you try the same thing, it comes out as a complete mess. Sometimes, it can be so difficult to figure out all of the complicated ways of styling a scarf. An infinity scarf is simply wrapped around your neck once and you are good to go. This casual style can be thrown on over a simple look to create a stylish outfit.

When you are looking for your own spring infinity scarf, try to find one in a bright color or fun pattern. This will elevate your neutral winter look into a style that is spring ready! There are options out there for everyone, from this floral Kate Spade scarf for the sophisticated student to a cat print scarf for the loud and proud cat ladies on the campus. Choose a scarf that expresses your personality and makes you smile through your all-nighter!

Spotted: Louis Vuitton’s collection features a lot of fabulous scarves that you should check out!


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