ACCESSORIES REPORT: These Boots Are Made for Struttin’

Accessories Report

I am a sucker for timeless pieces that just seem to never go out of style. I like to imagine that style fairies have sprinkled these pieces with extra fairy dust so that they never become lackluster. These are the pieces that are truly worth an investment because they will be useful to you for a really long time. I mean, let’s face it, there are certainly those days when you are pressed for time to get to class and standing in front of your closet waiting for an outfit inspiration is just not going to happen. That is why you should always be prepared with your essential staple pieces (the ones sprinkled with that extra fairy dust).

With that fairy talk in mind, can we just take a moment to talk about this week’s Fashionista ensemble? I was running around campus getting some back-to-school errands done when I caught a glimpse of burgundy from the corner of my eye. When I found out that source of this amazing color were the cutest square-toed riding boots I had ever seen I knew I had hit the jackpot. I silently thanked the style fairies for their generosity.

The way that this Fashionista’s boots pulled her ensemble together so nicely was really impressive. I love how she played with length by pairing her boots with a long, black fuzzy coat that looked extra warm. Although the knee-high look and mini heel was just about enough to seal the deal on her great outfit, it was the color that truly left me breathless. Okay, so I’m guilty of pulling the “all-black everything” card more than I should but this Fashionista’s look has inspired me to take the risk and play with different colors.

If you are like me and a bit scared to play with colors, I want to assure you that it is okay to test out the waters with burgundy. Burgundy is a color that will go great against neutrals, just like our Fashionista demonstrates in her beige chinos. You can even wear burgundy with a great pair of dark jeans. If you just can’t seem to part with the black, try finding a pair of nice riding boots that have black heels or even a black accent on the zipper.

On hectic days just grab your pair of favorite burgundy boots and watch the rest of the outfit fall together perfectly as it should. I promise you they will look great with virtually any ensemble. After all, the style fairies can’t be wrong.

Spotted: This look was seen in Givenchy’s 2012 pre-fall collection and has slowly found its way to the closets of many Fashionistas/os because of its striking edge factor.


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