ACCESSORIES REPORT: The Universal Kimono

Accessories Report

As time goes on and we get older, it seems as if certain styles are continuously being brought back from previous decades. If we were to take a time machine to certain eras, we could easily be able to point out several different looks that we now try oh so hard to copy. Let’s be honest, we all have given our parents major beef for what they wore back then and now they get to sit back and have the last laugh knowing that they are trendsetters. Not only the 90s but also the ’60s hippie look is coming back in style and I know we couldn’t be more thrilled.

This Fashionista topped off her look with a kimono, which has recently become one of the most popular trends seen in 2013 and continuing on for 2014. The great thing about kimonos are how versatile they truly can be. They come in many different styles and colors which gives them the ability to be worn with just about anything and are available for Fashionistas all year-round. Kimonos to say the least have been a universal trend this year.

Due to the fact her kimono was her main accessory, this Fashionista decided to go simple with the rest of her look. For shoes she is wearing Havainas, which are a crowd favorite brand when it comes to flip-flops because they are not only affordable but also very comfortable and not to mention they come in several different colors to match any outfit.

For her finishing touch she strayed away from your usual floral headband and decided to wear a small flower in her hair which goes great with her girly yet hippie-esque ensemble.

Spotted: Speaking of styles constantly coming and going, Jean Paul Gaultier brought kimonos back years ago with his spring 2011 ready-to-wear line.


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