ACCESSORIES REPORT: The Time for Watches

Accessories Report

Largely due to recent technological advancements, the time for watches appears to be running out. We do not need a watch to tell us the time when we can simply look at our phones. After all, we are the cellphone generation. It seems the watch would naturally fall into the antique category, along with Walkmans and VHS tapes. But leave it to fashion to revive this supposed “antique.” Worn more as a piece of jewelry than a timepiece, the watch is here to stay. There really is no clearer indication of cool than wearing a watch.

Continuing with the topic of cool is the Fashionista I spotted this week. She is wearing skinny jeans, a white top and nude flats; this is a simple and adorable base. Then she injects color and interest with her lime sweater. What caught my attention the most however, is her watch.

Her watch has a beautiful gold wristband and a bold turquoise face. It looks great with the bracelet on her other wrist and also with her brightly colored nails. It is a unique accessory–I have never seen one like it before.

Luckily, there are endless options to choose from to get your own unique wristwatch. Go sporty and chic with something monochrome. A glamorous style would be fabulous with a diamond-studded watch (fake diamonds for us college students). Or lastly, check out a local thrift store to find a vintage watch. It will add a new level of interest, personality and individuality.

Whatever your style, watches have definitely been rediscovered in the cellphone generation. And it’s about time!

Spotted: Michael Kors is always sure to put out some killer watches. Get some inspiration from his spring 2014 collection.


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