ACCESSORIES REPORT: The Simple Things In Life

Accessories Report

One of the most popular looks on campus is comfortable shorts and simple tees. It’s passed the test of time and has become a favorite of so many because it’s so classically easy. Easy for class, easy for shopping and even easy for going out. Everyone can rock it and since it’s so simple, accessories can make all the difference.

High-waisted shorts, like the ones this Fashionista is wearing, have become essential to college students everywhere. I don’t think a day passes that I don’t see someone on campus wearing them, and each and every time I see them they’re styled so differently. Not only can you wear them with anything, you can also buy them in any color, pattern or shade, which makes it easy to create a collection. Shorts like this create a perfect base for any cute and casual outfit. Pair them with a plain black tank and a colorful sweater and you’re good to go.

This outfit would be perfect even without the accessories, but the necklace and purse just make it that much better. While statement necklaces will always be a great boost for any outfit, sometimes simple jewelry can add to an outfit even more. Long, gold necklaces like the one this Fashionista chose, are great at sprucing up a simple outfit while still giving off that casual vibe. I’ve even seen long agate necklaces that can bring some color and make the look more natured. Top off the outfit with a classic bag like the Speedy and you’re ready for anything.

Spotted: Although some of the fall 2014 jewelry can seem a little overwhelming, some designers, like Alexis Bittar, chose to keep it simple and are showcasing long, simple necklaces in their collections.


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