ACCESSORIES REPORT: The Queen of the Hats

Accessories Report

From the infamous Justin Bieber and Tyler the Creator getting arrested to Lady Gaga being basted like chicken at Stubbs Bar-B-Que in Austin, Texas, this years South by South West was star-studded and packed with controversy. However, one thing that seemed to literally reign over the streets of Austin was the undeniably fabulous fashion.

Fashion was everywhere this spring 2014 SXSW and has always played a vital part of the SXSW culture. Walking down the infamous 6th Street, you can’t help but notice the funky, fun and fabulous style that is oozing off the SXSW fashion partakers. To top off the unique and exciting fashion was this year’s obsession with hats. Hats were all over the place this SXSW and made it easy for an accessory aficionado like me to document the trend. Speaking of being an accessory aficionado, my sister made a very lasting comment about the clothes lacking in my wardrobe. In my defense, I am in college and affording a packed wardrobe is nearly impossible.

However, there is one comment I need to make for all fashion lovers out there—a test of a true Fashionista is not based on the amount of clothes you have; however, it is the way she accessorizes—and the best accessories any girl can have are her hats. The queen of hats is of course: a stylish wool floppy hat. In this weeks post, our Fashionista is displaying a wool floppy hat with a thin black trim to match her all black attire. Black was a HUGE theme this SXSW, as band members, hipsters and international entrepreneurs and more were all rocking the look in style. However, the outfit is all about the HAT. These hats are such a hit you can virtually pick them up anywhere now. You can wear them to festivals, sunbathing, on a picnic or with a sundress. They’re perfect for nearly any occasion.

So remember, if you feel like your closest is looking drab, a cute and impression worthy outfit can be made with one accessory. Take this Fashionista for example: her outfit is merely a black crop-top with black leggings and sweater to accent her slender waist. What makes her outfit really shine is her perfect use of accessories.

Spotted: Learn how to accessorize with the floppy hat in style as designer Miss Wu takes the floppy hat to a whole new level in her spring 2013 ready-to-wear collection featuring: multi-colored hats in red, magenta, black and much more.


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