ACCESSORIES REPORT : The Power of Leggings

Accessories Report

Honestly, I can’t remember the last time I wore real pants. I’ve walked out of my room before wearing a pair of jeans and my roommates just stared at me full of shock and disbelief. Simply put: I really don’t like real pants. The minute I put them on I literally can’t wait to take them off.

Luckily for me the fashion gods have brought me leggings. Now these aren’t those dreadful neon leggings seen in those bad ’80s workout videos. I’m talking about one of my favorite fashion fads. They can make a plain T-shirt look great, somehow manage to go with everything and are perfect for all types of weather. They create a beautiful silhouette that every female desires without even trying.

Now, cotton leggings are fine and dandy and all, but my newest obsession that is currently making my bank account cringe is stylized leggings. Black Milk Clothing reins supreme when it comes to this trend – as of this minute my closest consists of 5 pairs (not including the Black Milk dresses and skirts I own.) However, we have some close contenders coming into court. Tons of designers are joining the leggings cult and for good reason — they rule.

This Fashionista was more than happy to show off her G by Guess matte liquid leather leggings. Obviously, I was in love. Sleek and sexy, they went great with her Simply Vera Vera Wang wedge sneakers. These leather leggings can be dressed up with the right heel or dressed down like this Fashionista did for her rainy walk across campus.  Such a flexible piece like these Guess leggings are a must-own in my opinion. They are great to just throw on in a rush in the morning and automatically look awesome.  Never doubt the power of a good legging.

Spotted: Christian Dior’s fall 2006 runway shows how fashionable a legging can be while matched with the top and heel.


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