ACCESSORIES REPORT: The Most Stylish Accessory For Winter Days

Accessories Report

When bundling up for the winter and trying to avoid the cold weather, it can be quite difficult to accessorize your outfit to its full potential. So whenever I see a Fashionista or Fashionisto who has the ingenuity to accessorize their outfits glamorously and also be dressed well for the cold, harsh weather, I feel that it is necessary to commend them! In my personal opinion, some of the coolest accessories out there on the market are leg warmers. I have never worn leg warmers, but I can attest to the fact that every time I have seen a Fashionista accessorize with a pair, it brought the outfit some more pizazz and glamour!

This Fashionista I came upon was able to incorporate multiple accessorizes within her outfit and be dressed well enough to battle through the harsh weather condition found in Wisconsin! She was dressed in a floral dress paired with purple leggings. The purple leggings played with and complemented the purple flowers that decorated her dress. She was also adorned with the color teal which was found in her earrings, sport coat and first pair of leg warmers. She had a necklace that played with the color pink and complemented the pink on her floral dress, as well as the pink nail polish and red lipstick that she was wearing. Lastly she had on a second pair of black leg warmers and completed her outfit with a pair of suede wedges.

This Fashionista was able to incorporate leg warmers into her outfit to create an spectacular look. Using leg warmers she was able to complement the colors that were found in her outfit. Not only are leg warmers stylish, but they will keep your legs warm as well! If you’re a Fashionista looking to find an accessory that you can sport during the cold winter days, just go out and purchase a pair of leg warmers!

Spotted: Prada‘s 2014 spring ready-to-wear collection showcases a surplus of models accessorizing with leg warmers. Check out this collection, and try to replicate the same style choices that these models are creating within their outfits by using leg warmers!


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