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Students here at Penn State are cramming for their last exams before heading out for spring break. Scouting out Fashionistas/os was a bit more difficult this week, as many students opted for sweatpants instead of style in the midst of late nights at the library and waking up early the next day. There are still many ways for us to look cute even when exams are clouding our minds. This Fashionista has the great idea as to what to wear.

This Fashionista, a visitor from Pratt Institute, sure has an eye for design and style. She is wearing a chunky patterned sweater with a pair of dark camouflage pants. This is a creative way of styling two different prints together. Who knew boho patterns would flow so nicely with camouflage? It mainly has to do with color coordinating. The patterns of her sweater features a lot of black, which matches with the black of her pants. Speaking of black, this Fashionista’s black ankle boots make a statement of its own. When the sun is out on a winter day, take advantage of the subtle warmth by opting for ankle boots instead of the traditional knee-high ones.

As for accessories, this Fashionista has on a few items I would describe as “hipster.” Oversized frames (glasses) have been a trend this past year, that even people who don’t need glasses wear them for fun. They give off a nerdy yet cute vibe, not to mention the oversized aspect can make your face appear slimmer. This Fashionista also wears a cozy neutral toned infinity scarf  and a Coach cross-body bag, completing this boho-chic look.

Spotted: Early this year, Chanel came out with a line of couture sneakers for spring 2014, showing us that practicality and fashion can actually make a great mix. As I said earlier, frames are becoming a huge hit which is another practical yet stylish item. The Google Glass made its debut last year, not being the most attractive of wearable technology. However, this year they are coming out with new, sleek designs. Fashion and function, anyone?


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