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Two years ago I went to London with my two best friends. My Mom told me if I go to any place, it has to be Camden. She said I wouldn’t understand until I went there, and let me tell you it is an explosion of punk, Goth, burlesque and cyber wear. I imagined my mother walking down the streets of Camden when she was studying abroad clunking around in her Dr. Martens. I guess fashion really does repeat itself—Dr. Marten boots are coming back to more than just the streets of Camden.

What I admire about this Fashionista is that she chose the opposite of classic with a white pair. Black Dr. Martens are more popular, but the white is an added edge that really suits this look. More of a new age look, this Fashionista takes an old classic and gives it a new day twist. The key to standout accessories is contrast, and there’s no doubt that this is seen here. Docs now come in all different colors and even patterns—you can check them all out here!

Dr. Martens can be a great alternative to the basic winter boot. We all know Penn State’s winters are a battle and a half; but hey, you can still look trendy walking to class in boots like these!

Black and white is a combination that never goes wrong. The graphic tank top underneath the jacket ties in the look of the boots and snapback hat perfectly. Brandy Melville is a newly popular spot for graphic tees and tanks, and are priced in mind for a college girls budget. Not to mention, denim, leather and studs all in one—amazing. This oversized jacket is so much more then your average leather or denim jacket. With interesting details, throwing this jacket on top of any T-shirt can make your outfit 10 times more stylish and not to mention edgy!

This Fashionista’s bold look makes me want to wear my studded leather jacket everyday until it is just too cold.  I also want to point out all of her jewelry. Her necklace and rings reflect her personality and give an added touch that isn’t over bearing with the rest of her look.

Spotted: A Dr. Martens-inspired heel in the L.A.M.B. fall 2013 ready-to-wear line.


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