ACCESSORIES REPORT: The Coziest Headgear

Accessories Report

Many times throughout the winter, I simply want to roll out of bed and throw on the biggest sweatshirt I can find and begin my day in the freezing temperature. However, deep down every Fashionista/o will sacrifice the warmth to look a bit glamorous while going to class. Scarves, gloves and socks are always great additions to include in your wardrobe to help spice up a basic look. This season in particular, the trend of beanies has conquered many heads around campus. Beanies not only keep you warm and chic but are also festive throughout this season.

This Fashionista pairs a teal green beanie with a casual outfit to create an aura of coziness and glam. The teal color of the beanie expresses a seasonal flair, while the knitted texture helps balance out the weight for the upper-half of the ensemble. Beanies can help craft various outfits according to your own style, if they are incorporated the correct way. This Fashionista styles a beanie to create a cozy and casual look, which is a perfect outfit if you are running late for class! There is no true limit when it comes to styling a beanie, they can be worn with articles of clothing such as dresses, shorts, tights and pants. Depending on your style and comfort, beanies can be worn all year long and help spruce out an outfit anytime!

Although the cold weather can be very intimidating this time of year, no Fashionista/o should sacrifice their style or closet! Including small accessories such as beanies in your wardrobe can always help make a big difference with your outfit. So I challenge all you Fashionista/os to not limit yourself but set out and find a beanie with either a unique texture or color. In the end despite which beanie you prefer, you will be off to class in warmth and style!

Spotted: Anna Sui incorporating a beanie on the runway in their spring 2014 collection.


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