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Spring break is around the corner and, here in Savannah, you can feel it also in the weather. The sun finally came out this week and the low temperatures seem to be in the past. The season for skirts, shorts and hats is getting closer and you can start changing your wardrobe to welcome it.

One of the things that excites me the most about spring and summer is the variety of colors that you can see people wearing. They experiment with their looks and accessories in general. Hats are a good example of this. Since five or six years ago, this trend came from the past making them adequate for different occasions. The traditional rules about when or where to wear a hat vanished and now you can see people using them in the night, for winter and even indoors.

I must admit that for me, the trend came a little late. I was not an early adopter. But now, after having a hard time accepting hats, I have fell in love with them. I really appreciate a good hat that harmonizes your face and adds style to your look.

This Fashionista, for example, accomplished it with perfection. Her brown hat was perfect for her face and hair. It was complemented with the classic Ray-Ban sunglasses and a charming pair of feather earrings. You could notice her bohemian style from head to toe. The loose-knitted sweater played with the palazzo-printed pants that were the sexy details of the outfit. Everything seemed planned even though it was not.

Her bohemian look makes her look like a free-spirited woman. The only contrast she was wearing was a Louis Vuitton Little Agenda, which had the perfect color for the look, but contrasted the bohemian style with a little glamour and elegance.

Spotted: If you are afraid of using hats or don’t know which style you like more, see the Donna Karan spring/summer 2014 runway. They have all kinds of silhouettes so see which one can suit you.


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