ACCESSORIES REPORT: The Brunch-fast Club

Accessories Report

My favorite meals that I wait all week for is Saturday brunch. Now, I’m not sure if this makes me totally basic or super classy, but I’m hoping for the latter. For a girl, brunch is the perfect weekend event because it requires breakfast for “lunch” and gossiping with your friends on the best day of the week. Not only is it imperative to the college girl and her friends, but it is the ultimate destresser for the end of these hard exams weeks we are in the middle of. It’s also a common knowledge that the social events in college are just as important as, well… everything else. Even more important than the food or the people you are with is what you are wearing to your brunch event. I treat brunch (and every other day I might add) like it’s a runway – a more casual runway, but still a runway. With this in mind, picking out the perfect outfit is a must do.

This Fashionista can teach us quite a few tips and tricks on the perfect brunch/early class outfit and must dos, because it’s pretty obvious judging by her rockstar appearance that she has it perfected. Her graphic tank and black culotte shorts are as comfy as pajamas without the ‘I just woke up’/'I wore this to bed’ look, and her maxi cardigan looks and feels way better than any bathrobe ever will.

What makes her outfit spectacular is her rockstar use of the classic hat and sunglasses. This early morning trick is one that’s been around for a while, yet she makes it look new and exciting. Nothing says “I might be in South Carolina, but I look like I should be in New York” more than a large, floppy hat and even bigger sunglasses. There is a reason Anna Wintour wears her sunglasses at all times, and it’s not just to make all the peasants nervous (meaning: everyone that’s not as fabulous as Anna Wintour). It’s because it makes you look important, which is definitely what this Fashionista has going for her.

She paired those classics with a charm pendant necklace and colorful bracelets that were very glamourous. She wore classic fisherman sandals that were perfect for the casual brunch setting, and she carried a vintage purse that tied together her outfit perfectly.

Spotted: Kenneth Cole’s collection on the spring 2014 runway perfected the sunglasses inside and fisherman sandal look.


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