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“That’s so clutch!” Have you ever heard anyone use that phrase before? Or use the word “clutch” as an adjective? According to Urban Dictionary, the word can be used in the form of an adjective, and one particular definition stated that it means “conveniently awesome.”

In the fashion world, the same is true for the word “clutch.” A clutch can most definitely be defined as “conveniently awesome.” Clutches are small and hold all of your essentials. They’re much easier to carry for everyday use compared to an oversized, bulky handbag.

A clutch is the perfect accent piece to dress up any casual or traditional look. This Fashionista paired a bright yellow clutch with a simple white cardigan and black leggings. A white cardigan is a universal and conventional item which every Fashionista should have in her closet. Similarly, a pair of black leggings is fundamental to any Fashionista’s wardrobe. For an outfit with basic black and white pieces, a brightly colored clutch is such a simple way to make a statement.

Most people might think they should only wear dark colors in the fall, but this Fashionista has proven otherwise. If you want to make a bold statement and stand out from the crowd this season, accessorize with bright colors — particularly yellow! Yellow is most commonly associated with warmth, sunshine and happiness. During late November, those three things might be a little bit harder to find around campus. However, we Fashionistas have the power to change this when flaunting our unique styles. Lighten up your everyday look with a lively yellow clutch! You’ll be sure to set a trend while also restoring some cheerfulness and warmth among your peers.

Another way this Fashionista added some warmth to her look was with her colorful and decorative statement jewelry. I love how the burnt orange and lighter turquoise stones in her statement bracelet match the colors of the two middle flowers on her necklace. These enamel flower statement necklaces are increasingly becoming popular among college-age Fashionistas. The intricate designs and contrasting colors of the flowers help to create a sensational and trendy accent piece.

Fashionistas, have you decided how you are going to make your cold and dreary days better this season? Try adding some edgy statement jewelry into the mix when you’re going for that classy, casual look. What’s more is to accessorize with a piece that is yellow and conveniently awesome… a clutch!

Spotted: Yellow clutches were featured on the fall 2013 kate spade new york ready-to-wear runway show, highlighting how brightly colored accessories can make a statement this season!


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