Accessories Report

Practical and purposeful accessories are a thing of the past, now-a-days we dress to stay with the trend or for the overall way things look. Accessories should be something we can throw on with little struggle and thought to it. Wearing suspenders fits perfectly into that category. They are easy and playful and I have yet to spot a pair that looks bad on a Fashionista/o.

Suspenders, originating over 300 years ago, were simply a piece of fabric worn over our shoulders to help hold up our pants from the front and the back. This used to be a strategical move, suspending your pants perfectly instead of cinching your belt. Historically they were viewed as undergarments and originally, they gave off a professional, serious vibe, of which can still be achieved today. However, when we spot this accessory around a college campus they can portray a more lighter, fun flare. With the infinite texture, pattern and color options, how can Fashionistas not hit the ground running with this accessory?

In the 1960′s British skinheads took a liking to suspenders and incorporated it in to their working class look. They often worn them with tight blue jeans, that really did not even need the literal support. The Fashionisto featured exemplifies this look perfectly, as his pants do not necessarily need this accessory either. He proves that in modern day suspenders do not always have to be viewed as formal and can be adapted to nearly any outfit in a casual, easy way. Although this Fashionisto is sporting his plain black pair of suspenders as a vintage piece with an unknown origin, there are several opportunities to purchase a pair similar to his. Nordstrom has a “vintage” Topman pair that is strikingly similar, while we see at Macy’s a different approach with silk, colorful and patterned suspenders. The Fashionisto’s suspenders are holding up his grey Nordstrom jeans, of which his purple, Mossimo Target shirt is tucked into. He tops off his ensemble with a pop of color in his Nike iD sneakers and his classic Wayfarer Ray-Ban sunglasses.

Needless to say, outfits can be totally changed with one single accessory and suspenders are a leading contender in that category. Suspenders have a flexible trait to them, of which can be worn by really anyone and adapted to anyone’s liking. So, instead of throwing on your boring, usual black belt, it’d be wise to consider a pair of suspenders first.

Spotted: In the Moschino Cheap And Chic pre-fall 2013 collection we see suspenders worn by woman, giving a more feminine appeal to this usually boy-ish accessory.


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