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The reason our society loves fashion is because it gives us the ability to access different moods, decades and yes, universes. A few years ago, the galaxy print legging paired with a quirky tank ensemble was for instigators only. This year, it seems like it is slowly moving into phenomenal style status.

Now that finals have officially arrived, Fashionistas are aching to join the rest of population in wearing sweatpants to class. Thankfully, this Fashionista demonstrates an easy way to look like a star, while remaining comfortable at the same. This is definitely an essential trick to master as we slowly move into the library.

The first step is to pick out a hat that is going to cover up that bed head. Let’s face it, no one has the time or motivation to do hair when there is so much studying to be done. Snapbacks and beanies are usually the best options when going for comfort. I’m loving the studs on this Fashionista’s cap; they add the finishing touch to this ultra edgy, ultra comfy outfit. You always need something sharp on hand in case the zombies attack, right? ASOS has a stellar beanie that has a similar vibe. Plus, beanies leave you with limited hat hair at the end of the day.

The next step is to grab your goofiest, weirdest graphic T-shirt, and throw it on like it was the last clean thing you had left (which it probably is). This one from Forever 21 is pretty great, in my opinion. Pair them with the cosmic leggings you probably wore to bed the night before, and you’re basically ready.

Last but never least, we need to finish the outfit off with shoes. This Fashionista is rocking some casual sneakers that we have been loving so much this season. The bad news is that this week predominantly forecasts rain; a canvas shoe simply cannot comfortably get through a day in the rain. Instead of Vans, grab some Dr. Martens to help you trudge through the mud and rain. These purple boots are a great pop of color to add to your out-of-this-world theme.

Seeing as this outfit maybe takes 15 minutes to throw on (depending on how fast you tie your shoes), your mind will be extremely grateful with those extra minutes of shut eye. In the words of Zenon: Girl of the 21st Century, “Zetus Lapetus,” that was easy. Now the trick is to get through finals in one piece!

Spotted:  Moschino’s fall 2014 collection is one of the most unique collections I’ve seen in a while. It features some of our favorite American trademarks in each pattern. This Spongebob Squarepants sweatshirt and legging can surely get us through finals in a happy, comfy fashion.



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