ACCESSORIES REPORT: Super COLLAR Fragilistic Expialidocious

Accessories Report, From the Editor

There are some accessories that seem to have magical powers. Basically, what I am saying is that some accessories are just like Mary Poppins. Go with me on this one. The right accessory can transform an outfit, provide you with confidence and be a real game changer, just like Mrs. Poppins herself.

While my simile may be a little bit of stretch, the truth of the matter is that there are some powerful accessories out there. This Fashionista’s gold collar is one of them.

There is something so strong and sharp in the simple design of this Fashionista’s collar. It’s not overly gaudy or embellished, but still makes a statement. The clean lines and symmetry make the design look effortless.

The bright gold metal is what really makes the collar standout. The color packs a punch. It has a vintage feel while still being modern and fresh.

Overall, the collar is bright, beautiful and confident, just like the Fashionista wearing it. That’s a pretty powerful collar, wouldn’t you agree?

So next time you are looking to liven up an outfit, don’t overthink it. Go for an accessory that packs a punch in a strong and subtle way.

Spotted: Lanvin’s spring 2013 runway show was all about strong yet simple gold jewelry.

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