ACCESSORIES REPORT: Sunshine and Sperrys

Accessories Report

Hello Fashionista/os and welcome to the spring semester, while some of us are hunkering down in the depth of the winter cold, others are enjoying the beautiful weather when the tropics of Florida finally cool down. Although I attend school in the beautiful New York City, I am currently still on break in my hometown in Florida. The trends at this time of year are very unique to Florida due to the almost always perfectly crisp and sunny air.

This week, our Fashionisto rocked a pair of green Sperry Top-Siders. Sperrys are a wardrobe necessity for any man living in Florida. The diversity of the shoe allows for wear in any outfit, pictured our Fashionisto has on a relaxed look with a great patterned button-down and a pair of shorts. The green Sperrys are the perfect compliment to this outfit because of their canvas fabric and relaxed look they work perfectly with the vibe our Fashonisto is going for. Here are a similar pair. For a more dressed up look, one could try a pair of these brown Sperrys that would go great with a button-down and khaki pants. These Sperrys would work nicely with a more relaxed pair of khaki shorts and a nice t-shirt from Southern Tide. You can grab one here.

Sperrys can be very diverse, one could wear them with a beachy laid-back look, like our Fashionisto, a dressy look for an occasion.Fashionista’s could wear them with a nice dress or jeans, they even come in sequins!

Our Fashionisto also has on a classic pair of Ray-Ban Wayfarers with a touch of pizzazz through their red color, here is a similar pair.

Sperrys are the perfect shoe for the warm weather looks of spring, and their diversity allows for many different styles with them. My challenge to you this week is to try something new with your Sperrys, or grab a pair and see if you like them at all. They are comfortable, versatile and the perfect staple for a Fashionisto/a’s shoe collection. In Florida weather, Sperrys are a necessity.

Spotted: Exciting patterned button downs on the spring 2014 3.1 Phillip Lim Runway, for men. This look is a fun way to dress up in warmer weather, and Lim perfects the patterns adding spunk to any outfit.


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