ACCESSORIES REPORT: Studding Out the New Year

Accessories Report

Well, its that time of year that everybody dreads — back to school. It seems cruel to make us come back so soon. Especially when all of us poor college students have just barely gotten used to a free life without classes. Those professors have got real nerve! While everyone starts to panic about the impending stress this semester holds, I like to stay on the positive side. New year means new styles to scope out and incorporate into my own! When I saw this lovely Fashionista decked in accessories head to toe, I knew I had to talk to her.

Every girl has one go-to outfit that looks cute no matter what: chambray, black leggings and brown boots. Ringing any bells? This Fashionista’s enormous, studded shopper bag is what first caught my eye. It’s the perfect size to carry all of her books and she looks like a star carrying it. Once we started talking, she showed me that there are also studs on her graphic tee that give her ensemble a much edgier vibe. There will always be something about studs that give an outfit that rocker-chic look that I adore so much.

To make this look her own, this Fashionista takes the look one step further by throwing on the perfect fringe infinity scarf over her long fringed necklace. I normally wouldn’t have thought to put a necklace and scarf together as it can start to look kind of busy. However, it looks so effortless on this Fashionista. To incorporate this look into your own, you might start with just a long pendant to keep it safe. No matter how subtle or how bold you go with this trend, you’ll certainly get a lot of envious eyes while you strut campus this semester!

Spotted: Viktor & Rolf incorporate plenty of studs and embellishments into the spring 2014 collection, including my favorite, collars! There are some outfits studded all over and some just to enhance a specific piece of clothing. Either way, this collection is fabulous!


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