Accessories Report

In fashion mostly every new trend to take the world by fashionable storm isn’t as new as most people believe.  Over the past five years or so studs and spikes have made a big impact over the industry, just about everything you see has some type of studded embellishment. If we take a trip to the late 1970s through 80s we will see that this was the studs and spikes time to really shine, because this time period was the birth of punk and at the helm was designer Vivienne Westwood. She was the queen of bringing the street punk style into fashion and is still considered royal in the eyes of many Fashionista’s today. While the punk scene might have died but the love of studs has revived.

Studs are incorporated a lot of the time into accessories like shoes, bags and basically anything that has room for the spunky design. Edgier accessories are the perfect way to roughen up an outfit while still looking polished, and a great way to do this is with a purse like this Fashionista did.  She was able to incorporate the punk attitude of the stud into a great studded bag while balancing it with a slightly girly ensemble. Pairing a tunic with leggings like this Fashionista did is the perfect way to create a comfortable but super chic look, and the great thing about an outfit like this is that you can add or remove as many layers as needed for the weather. She did just that by throwing on a knit cardigan.  Simplicity is key and this Fashionista’s delicate necklace proves less is more. For her other accessories she wore black leather cutout books and a great hat, which everyone should know by now are two things I really love.

Spotted: Roberto Cavalli incorporating studs among many different types of metallic embellishments in his spring ready-to-wear show.


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