Accessories Report

As I was getting dressed for a concert the other night, I stopped and thought to myself… “You have spent the past 10 minutes putting on bracelets — is it really that serious?” I then thought, “Yes, it really is,” and continued to struggle with the clasps of each tiny gold chain. My determination to stack my wrist up was powered by the need to enhance my all-black, Jay Z-esque ensemble that night… But I figure that when it comes to wearing the right jewelry, it’s good to have this serious mentality all the time. In the wise words of Rachel Zoe, “More is more,” and I came across a Fashionista on campus who, evidently, styles her outfits with that same theory in mind.

This Fashionista truly stood out from everyone else who was speed walking from building-to-building in their puffer jackets and snow boots. She wore a green and white polka-dot skirt with a white and black graphic T-shirt. Over top of her outfit, she wore a leopard faux fur jacket that gave her outfit an unusual combination of mixed prints. There are very few people daring enough to wear a graphic print, polka-dots and leopard spots at the same time, but her courage to do so made for a great outfit.

Although I am naturally attracted to everything leopard print, what really caught my eye on this Fashionista was her necklace. (I don’t need my eyeglasses on to spot an interlocking “C” symbol!) While getting the details about this Fashionista’s statement piece, I learned that she was actually wearing more than one necklace. She channeled her inner Coco Chanel and stacked on multiple costume pieces to create a look that no one else would be able to imitate.

Not only did her necklaces look as if they were made to be together, but the colors in them matched her other accessories as well. Her gold chains and cream pearls were a great complement to the olive frame of her sunglasses and the deep red in one of her necklaces was the exact same color as her Dr. Martens.

This Fashionista’s sense of style is rare, which makes it nothing less than wonderful. When putting on jewelry, follow her lead and stack it up!

Spotted: Combinations of chains and pearls were worked into Chanel’s resort 2014 collection. In respect to the original Chanel style, you can always expect the Chanel brand to incorporate lots of statement necklaces into a variety of their looks on the runway.


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