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This post goes out to all of my Fashionista and Fashionisto friends in between fall and winter! What accessory can simultaneously look super chic around your neck yet keep you super cosy and warm? You guessed it—a scarf.

But put aside your thoughts of thick, woolen scarves in favour of something a little smaller, a little squarer and a whole lot more vintage-inspired.

Traditionally worn by fighter pilots (yet somehow I’m more reminded of Amy Adam’s portrayal of Amelia Earhart in Night At The Museum 2), the square scarf has been a fashion accessory since the early 1900s. And I think it’s adorable how this Fashionista has brought this humble accessory back to life in her vintage-inspired outfit.

In the cold weather, sometimes you just don’t want a big bulky scarf weighing you (and your outfit) down. I can’t imagine a woolen infinity scarf working with this Fashionista’s outfit. Can you? So for a smaller, less swamping option, wearing a square-shaped one can help keep your look streamlined.

So, do you love this Fashionista’s vintage scarf as much as I do? You can easily find one at your local op-shop for a few dollars (in what I bet will be a gorgeous range of colours and unique designs) or splurge on one like this Emma Cook design on ASOS.

A square scarf isn’t just limited to being worn around your neck either. For example, if you fold it diagonally into a rectangular shape, you can wear it as a Rosie the Riveter style headband, which is a great way to keep your hair out of your face while still looking stylish.

Scarf-ace it (oh dear, that pun was a stretch), with the option to wear a square scarf in more ways than one, adding one to your collection is a win-win!

Spotted: When I think silk, square scarves, Hermès comes straight to my mind and rightly so—their designs are iconic. The spring 2013 ready-to-wear collection featured both scarves and gorgeous scarf printed clothing pieces.


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