Accessories Report

Spring has officially sprung. The colder weather is finally starting to fade and the flowers on campus are brighter than ever. People are sun-kissed and ready for summer, and as the semester dies down from spring break, students all over campus are breaking out the fresh spring looks.

This Fashionista was celebrating the first day of spring with by bringing out the light colors and bright whites. To start off, this Fashionista chose an ’80s throwback, acid-wash jeans. Not only are these jeans easy to mix with just about anything, they are the perfect spring starter. The bright splashes of the acid give off a great summer vibe. When the temperatures really sky rocket they could even be traded in for some acid-washed high-waisted shorts. Paired with the jeans is a classic crop top. This simple black and white striped top is a great go-to item for these sunny days, and the contrast against the acid jeans really help this Fashionista make her mark.

However, where this Fashionista really shines is in the accessories department. The subtle additives to her outfit really pull the outfit together and complete the look. One thing I love about all the accessories is that they are all absolute essentials. Leaving the house without sunglasses in Florida is a death sentence, and trying to find a school bag better than a Longchamp is next to impossible. Last but not least, the shoes tie it all together. White sneakers are all the rage right now and can be worn with just about anything. The ever-popular white converse are becoming a new fad, getting paired with everything from workout clothes to dresses. White Vans, like the ones this Fashionista are sporting, are also getting the attention of students and fashion-lovers alike. The fresh white look really makes spring a reality and helps us move out of the cold weather blues.

Spotted: Even designers are using white shoes on the runway. Phillip Lim uses sneaker-like shoes in his 2014 collection.


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