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Another fashion blogger complaining about the weather? You betcha. There is nothing worse than blisteringly cold winds and sub-zero temperatures for a Fashionista. The high for every day this past week hasn’t reached more than 10-degrees here in the good old Midwest, and classes have continued. Bundling up with layers and layers is the key for a -33 wind chill. One of the hardest parts to keep warm, however, can be our feet. Gloves and hats can be doubled up on, but a Fashionista and Fashionisto can only put on so many pairs of socks before the boots won’t fit anymore! Naturally then, this Fashionista’s snuggly looking pair of boots immediately caught my eye.

UGG is known for making the classic boots that we see slugging around all college campuses. They make more than that, however, and these boots are the perfect combination of practical and fashionable. The fluffy furry interior is folded down for a fashionable look, but they’re also waterproof, making sure that the five inches of week old snow don’t slow anyone down. She also keeps things warm with the brown beanie on her head. A fun alternative to the classic beanie might be a fluffy trapper hat to match the boots! This Fashionista opted for a hidden fur lining in her hood and collar, however.

For a couple of simple added touches, this Fashionista kept with the rustic and boho feel of her look by adding a brown embroidered belt and wooden spike necklace. To keep things practical, a pair of statement earrings could be added to this outfit instead of an arm party to avoid pulling any bracelets off with your gloves.

This Fashionista proves that less CAN be more then it comes to winter layering!

Spotted: J Brand‘s collection showcases a long coat with a fur collar sure to keep a Fashionista/o warm.


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