ACCESSORIES REPORT: Sneaky Sneaky Fashion

Accessories Report, From the Editor

I will admit: for most of my “adult” life, the thought of mixing sneakers with anything beyond running shorts and a tank top seemed like fashion suicide. If my mom wore sneakers anywhere besides the gym, I would go into a 10 minute rant about how “uncool” that was.

But since the resurgence of sportswear, it seems like sneakers are the new stiletto. From fashion weeks to models off duty, sneakers are having a major fashion moment. When I spotted this Fashionisto rocking his Nikes, it seemed like sneakers never looked so chic. The key to wearing sneakers without looking like you are heading to the gym is all about color and silhouette. This Fashionisto’s black pair is sleek and ties seamlessly in with his skinny black pants. At first glance, it doesn’t actually appear that he is wearing sneakers. The bright white soles give a pop of color and an edge of sportswear to really make the shoe relevant to fashion and practical for a long day of classes.

The cut of the sneaker is equally important to the color. Bulky sneakers with tons of support are great for long distance running. But when jotting between class, the coffee shop and the library, that kind of shoe is just unnecessary. The Nike Free is a favorite among Fashionistos and Fashionistas alike for its snug and flexible fit. The lightweight sneaker gives you the feel of sportswear without sacrificing style.

Instead of going for a full-on gym time look, this Fashionisto elevated his look with a modern camel coat, an oversized green bag and lust-worthy scarf. With all these other fashionable garments, the sneakers sneak their way in there to make the total package a must-have look.

Spotted: Louis Vuitton recently has had runway show after runway show filled with enviable sneakers. The spring 2013 show was one of our favorites for sporty footwear.

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