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Looking for a little excitement in your life? Summer is so close, we can almost taste the sun on our skin and all the excitement that comes with it. Almost. With low temps still somehow invading these first days of spring, what’s a Fashionista to do to celebrate the proximity of the heat without breaking out the tank tops? Footwear, of course. There are so many more options now that we aren’t obligated to trek through the snow and slush. While we can’t quite rock those crop tops or shorts, shoes are the next best remedy for the winter blues.

This Fashionista picks a pair of bright green Converse to get her to and from class. This versatile style of shoe can be worn with almost anything. It also gives your feet a little freedom from the long season of knee-high boots and thick socks. Let your ankles breathe! Low-rise sneakers are a great way to brave all the melting of spring and still bring some comfort on the walks across campus. Converse sneakers offer many varieties when it comes to spring footwear, including the option to design your own pair! Keds and Vans are other choices to try on that carry unique colors, patterns or styles. Try Keds’ cute pattern with finches on your toes for an undeniable spring in your step.

If you’re feeling extra adventurous, pair your sneakers with a pair of ankle socks for even more color! There might be even more choices for socks than footwear out there, which gives every Fashionista a chance for some wardrobe variety. Socks are also a lot less expensive than shoes, so switching up your outfit is even easier to do without breaking your college student budget. At Target, you can buy a stylish pack of three pairs with bold patterns and colors to mix and match.

By complementing her Converse with a basic pair of black leggings and a striped top, this Fashionista perfects the minimalist look. Her green shoes give a pop of color and are the perfect piece to center her outfit around.

Whether you’re sprinting to class or need something to dress down that blazer, sneakers are the perfect fit. Soon enough we’ll have to trade them in for sandals, so show them some love while you can!

Spotted: Couture sneakers are all over the runway for spring 2014. Everyone from Chanel to Kenzo to Dior are swapping their high heels for a chic and sporty (and more comfortable) alternative.


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