ACCESSORIES REPORT: Silver Jewelry’s Playbook

Accessories Report

Though accessory shopping might not be as angst-filled as Bradley Cooper and Jennifer Lawrence’s hit movie, it can still be a very difficult process. If you feel the need to toss a bowl of Raisin Bran, put it down and start with the fingers! The playbook to ring wearing is constantly re-written as new trends are tackled every day. An important thing to remember, is that you’re the one writing it! If you’re writing a book so important, don’t those fingers deserve to look good?

If there is one thing each of my hands always has, it’s a hefty amount of rings. Rings are one of the few accessories you can throw on with literally any outfit. As long as you stick with a simple color and design, they can become the most versatile part of your jewelry collection! This Fashionista chose two silver rings to give her the extra shine she was looking for.

In this case, less is more as a chunky ring on differing fingers provides an interesting completion for the outfit. As a girl with chubby digits, I can understand the importance of pointer and middle finger rings (they’re a great distraction from what’s underneath!). Wearing them on these fingers is a step outside the norm and also a growing trend as a lot of girls will layer thinner midi styles there. This Fashionista stuck with another popular trend that’s a bit on the wild side. Both of her rings have an influence of nature: one with a snake-like flow and the other a jungle cat. Though her finger (or entire hand) would be gone if she adorned a real cheetah, this one gives just the right amount of excitement with her outfit choice.

The rings work with the rest of this Fashionista’s attire and coordinate especially well with her silver studded shoulders. Layering black always looks fabulous, but the acid washed denim is a nice break between all of the darker elements. Most of this Fashionista’s outfit was purchased at Charlotte Russe, but you can find these pieces separately at places like Forever 21 or even H&M.

There’s no set list of fashion plays you need to make in your lifetime, but when you’re deciding on rings remember silver is sometimes better than gold. When all else fails, you can always pull a Hail Mary! I hear she always knew what to wear.

Spotted: Loaded with rings is just the look Chanel went for in their fall 2013 couture line. Karl Lagerfeld channeled an “end of the world” apocalyptic theme worth checking out!


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