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Being a Fashionista means revamping old trends and making them your own. And, this week’s Fashionista puts a new spin on the classic schoolgirl style. After years of resentment toward uniforms, this Fashionista sticks it to the man in the just right way. Instead of being a conformist drone, she mixes a variety of pieces to create an edgy look.

This Fashionista is sure to turn heads. Instead of wearing the usual plain white button-up, she opted for an oversized black sparkle top. Pairing her top with a plaid skirt made this outfit more comfy. Sheer black tights served as the outfit’s focal point and provided a source of warmth. I love pairing old tights with skirts or high-waisted shorts to give them a different vibe. These Jeffrey Campbell Rosie Cutout Combat Boots allow her polka-dot socks to peek out. Her necklace appeared to be an ordinary gold chain, but upon further inspection I realized it was much more than that. Her handmade Solar System necklace was a recent birthday present.

My favorite part of her outfit is her child’s size denim Jansport backpack, another blast from the past. Mini backpacks have been a huge trend this year. Most girls I see on campus have small leather ones, but this Fashionista breaks out of the pack with ’90s denim. I could tell there was some fun hidden behind her dark somber gaze when she showed me her most exciting accessory—trick spy glasses! They’re great for sneaking looks and cute boys or the clock on the back wall in class.

This Fashionista knows how to spice up the old and mix it with the new. Combining pieces from childhood enables a whole new world of things to accessorize with. Looking back at childhood pictures often allows us to get inspiration and the feels from past memories. We aren’t sure what inspired this Fashionista, but one thing’s for sure; she’s out of this word!

Spotted: Charlotte Ronson pairs well-worn plaid, tall socks and boots.


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