ACCESSORIES REPORT: Shear Sophistication

Accessories Report

These bitter winter days have me snuggling into just about anything that will keep me warm — I swear I’m cold blooded. Maintaining body heat is a constant struggle for me. When a sweater just doesn’t quite cut it, what do you reach for next? Sometimes I grab a hat, other times a scarf, but more often than not I find myself reaching for one specific staple item in my closet – my shearling vest. Clearly this Fashionista and I are on the same page.

Combining cozy and cute, this week’s Fashionista paired her shearling vest with a red sweater, blue jeans, black riding boots and a sassy statement necklace. Casual chic seemed to be the look she was going for and she definitely nailed it! I love shearling vests because they have the power to make any outfit instantly trendy. Whether you throw it on over a sweater, a T-shirt or even a dress, a shearling vest creates a stylish and sophisticated vibe that any Fashionista would swoon over. Since this piece is so neutral you can wear practically anything underneath it from busy patterns to bold colored solids! I think with a few tweaks I could add this to just about any outfit I have!

Going out later? No problem! Your shearling vest is the perfect day-to-night transition piece! Pair your vest with a little black dress and some fun jewelry to add some glitz and you’re ready to go! Trust me, once you add a shearling vest to your closet you will never want to take it off — I know I don’t!

You can get your hands on your very own shearling vest at stores like Caché and Nordstrom. Personally, I enjoy passing the time by staring at the designer shearling vests by Helmut Lang and Layfayette 148 — hey, a girl can dream!

Spotted: Shearling was spotted making an appearance on the runway at the Céline fashion show.


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