ACCESSORIES REPORT: She Scarves Me, She Scarves Me Not

Accessories Report

Ah, February. The month of love, affection, and heartwarming compliments (P.S. Happy Anti-Valentines Day to all you Fashionista’s who choose to love clothes more than a man!). WRONG. Well, partly. Just when you think that the only thing in the air is love, you realize bipolar wind chills have also made their landing. February is the awkward month between harsh winter weather and the blossoming of spring, when Mother Nature decides that it’s trendy to turn us into Rudolph look-a-likes. Furthermore, thanks to Mister Punxsutawney Phil, we all know that winter just isn’t quite ready to disappear yet. Well Fashionista/o’s, dedicate this V-Day to your comfortable, cozy and face-warming scarf, and trust me, this valentine will never break your heart!

What I love most about scarves is their versatility. They come in every color imaginable, including colors blended together that, sometimes, really are unimaginable, they range in textures from silk to cashmere, they can be worn in a plethora of manners, and they come in so many different patterns and shapes that it’s impossible to not find one for any given outfit. Better yet, they keep our faces protected from biting winds during long walks across campus. While some people might think scarves aren’t flattering because of their bulkiness, the right colors and patterns can be the best thing to ever happen to your outfit.

When I spotted this Fashionista, it was love at first scarf. By using a scarf that was solid, she managed to make it eye capturing. It gave her cute but casual look just the right amount of color. It evenly contrasts with her sparkly (and we all know how much I love sparkly) sweater, showing no signs of clashing. Statement colors have been key in the recent seasons, and I predict that they won’t be going out of style anytime soon. Just like statement necklaces, scarves that shine leave long lasting impressions, and brighten up any outfit no matter how dark! In this particular case, any bright solid color would be perfect with the rest of this ensemble; however, this scarf is not just any solid scarf. And anyways, ordinary is SO two centuries ago.

If you’ve been keeping up with my reports, you know how much I admire outfits that successfully combine styles. This Fashionista’s outfit screams “feminine but fierce” thanks to the combination of sparkles in her sweater and shoes with the edgy cut up fringes in her scarf. The military-like jacket simply adds a hint of bad to the style. I personally adored her cap toe ballet flats—a mixture of edge and girly girl. Once again, never be afraid to mix styles! After all, opposites attract.

Spotted: The spring 2011 Ralph Lauren ready-to-wear runway show featured a fringy styled scarf similar to that of our Fashionista’s.


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