Accessories Report

I love when summer is slowly coming to a conclusion and fall begins. During these days, I often see people adjust to the seasonal changes by mixing and matching their summer and fall wardrobes. The one accessory that aids any outfit worn during this period, as well as for the whole season of fall, are sunglasses. This accessory can be always added to any ensemble and will always smoothly complement any outfit. Make sure to add a couple pairs of sunglasses to your wardrobe!

The outfit that this Fashionista is wearing grabbed my attention the second she walked into the campus coffee shop. She was wearing vintage-style high-waisted denim shorts, along with a plum colored floral top that embodies the beauty of summer. Her outfit is completed with brown military boots that portray the beauty of fall and bring everything together. As summer is coming to an end, and fall is just slated to start in a few weeks, I adored how this outfit played on those two concepts.

The accessories that this Fashionsita was wearing complimented her outfit gracefully. First off, the accessory that is always a must during the spring, summer and fall months are sunglasses. The pair that this Fashionista is wearing lends a good vibe to her whole outfit. She was also wearing a stunning gold necklace that took my breath away. Using lipstick, she made her lips a vibrant red, which helps bring out the plum color of her top. The icing on the cake was that she had added flower shaped earrings resembling the floral designs on her top. Sunglasses go well with any outfit of your choosing. So as you set out into the fall day, keep in mind you can always accessorize with a pair for those good vibrations.

Spotted: Prada’s fall 2013 ready-to-wear collection has a few models that illustrate how to compliment their fall outfits with sunglasses. Check out this collection for some inspiration!


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