Accessories Report

Sometimes when it comes to accessorizing, minimalism is key. Style can be better expressed through bold color movements, perfect layering and a tailored approach to the outfit. Today’s Fashionista, for instance, is wearing only combat boots and tights to accessorize her outfit — yet it’s extremely well done.

She layers an orange sweater over a deep blue dress, which just barely hangs out the bottom, giving the appearance of a skirt. Her clean khaki blazer hits just above the hemline of the sweater, allowing all pieces of the puzzle to show. The leggings and shoes pull the entire outfit together, completing the look.

The key here is that when you don’t have many accessories, you really have to make the rest of the outfit count. Accessories are typically the hook of the entire look. They give the extra punch that makes an outfit go above and beyond its potential. But in very rare cases that punch can also be given by a lack of accessories. The effort is instead expressed through the apparel while the few accessories worn are woven into the outfit seemingly unnoticed. However without these the look wouldn’t be cohesive. Can you imagine this Fashionista’s outfit without the leggings?

With the leggings and shoes it has a feel of schoolgirl chic: a cutesy style with a tad bit of edge but is still appropriate to wear to class. One of my favorite aspects of this outfit is how the Fashionista turned the dress underneath into an accessory in itself. The collar peeks out by her neckline (who needs an imitation collar when you have a real one?) and hangs near the bottom hemline giving the appearance of a skirt or even a ruffle. The result is a simple innovative accessory.

Spotted: In A Detacher’s fall 2014 ready-to-wear collection, he uses minimalist designs and few accessories. Instead he allows the layering of pieces to add a pop of color, giving the appearance of accessories.


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