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Looking your best in a temperature of 100 degrees is no easy task (believe me). It’s a lot harder to be a Fashionista in a city that only specializes in two climates: hot and very hot. But luckily, some of us pull it off and this collegiate is a perfect example. She proves that the secret of maintaining your poise is wearing light clothes and channeling your fashion impulse into accessories instead. Her simple outfit is clearly compensated by the number of “flashy” items thrown on — a neon purse, sparkly bracelet, gold necklace, silver rings and most importantly, “diamond” encrusted Havaianas (Check this similar model. A little pricy, but oh the need).

What really drew my attention were the sandals. Havaianas come in so many different models that they’re able to give “umph” to pretty much any outfit. They’re the perfect remedy for when it’s unbearable to even think of strappy sandals or dear lord, socks.  In Rio de Janeiro or Los Angeles (tropical destinations), they blend right in. But it goes without saying that you shouldn’t wear them in cities with no beaches, simply because you don’t have that “the beach is right next door so I’m dressed appropriately” factor. Even so, for any college, no matter where you are, they are a little too laid back — but perfect for stashing in your backpack for later.

Did you know that Havaianas started out as a  “low-class” item? Yep, born in the early 60s, they only drew attention thirty years later, when the company decided to launch colorful models. Since then, different collections started to pop up. I’ve selected a few designs that I’m currently obsessed with (they’re also cheaper than this Fashionista’s pair): this silver one, this pink neon one and these metallic ones. Take your pick!

Spotted: Havaianas featured in Michael Bastian’s spring 2011 runway show.


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