Accessories Report

This Fashionista’s Bohemian chic flair caught my attention on campus this week. Her fringe-style shirt paired with the chunky necklace and an array of rings was fabulously cool and sophisticated. She paired her edgier accessories and shirt with more polished skinny jeans and boat shoes. This Fashionista was able to combine the best of both fashion worlds: high-class posh and a laid-back bohemian style in her look.

The vibe of this look would be perfect for any of the recent concerts that have been sponsored on campus. The coral knit top and fun accessorizing brings us closer to those summer nights filled with music festivals.

Combining rings is one of the best ways to accessorize in the summer. Multiple styles, stones and textures can be worn to show off an artsy personality. This Fashionista has bigger, chunkier rings merged with more elegant and dainty rings. Her use of turquoise and opal in her assortment of silver rings emphasizes the Bohemian flair. Despite the rings’ unique characteristics from written engravings, to painted arrows and classic stones, they all work together to create a cohesive statement.

When you are perusing local art shops or flee markets this summer, keep an eye out for one-of-a-kind jewelry that exhibits its own personality while still coordinating well with other accessories. You can simultaneously look for a statement necklace whose story adds intrigue and whimsy to your style.

Spotted: This model is sporting a chunky necklace on this Chanel runway. The light pink tone and lacy shorts give off the same feminine and sophisticated feeling that our Fashionista radiates in her ensemble. The funky pattern and shape of the model’s shirt combined with the chain necklace add to the other, more bohemian style that is seen in our Fashionista’s look.



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