ACCESSORIES REPORT: Ring in the New Month

Accessories Report

It’s about to me March, which means we’re that much closer to spring Fashionistas. With excitement in the air it’s only necessary to celebrate it properly and ring in the new month with rings on hand of course! Not only will you be switching out your closets for spring attire, but also try switching up your ring collection and making a statement with midi rings and polished nails that give a pop of color to the drab, dead grass and puddles that are starting to appear.

This week’s Fashionista caught my eye with the use of her bright neon nails, which was also used in her patterned headscarf. Her statement nails aren’t the only bold move she made, but rather the mixture of rings she’s wearing is a statement in itself. Not often do I see many people taking on the trend of midi rings but this Fashionista pulled it off perfectly. Her daring nail polish is paired fittingly with her lighting-like midi ring, along with something simpler like her arrow ring and classic knot midi ring. Midi rings are a great way to pull attention to the often forgotten hand that can carry many key accessories. The use of a bright, neon nail and adventurous midi rings are a great way to bring color into your wardrobe in the cold winter months foreshadowing spring. No more waiting for March 20th to roll around, start spring now by ringing in the new month with midi rings and vibrant color.

Another way this Fashionista incorporated color and spiced up her outfit in hopes of spring was through another great accessory: a headscarf. A headscarf is a great way to draw attention to your face as well as pull your hair back out of your eyes. I love this Fashionista’s particular headscarf for many reasons. The use of the bright orange within darker neutral colors draws attention to her otherwise subtle ensemble, as does the geometric pattern. A great way to subtly stand out is through smaller accessories such as this with bolder elements to liven them up. What’s even greater about this particular headscarf is that it’s no ordinary headscarf but rather a knotted headscarf. Making your headscarf three-dimensional adds body and makes it even more noticeable as well as giving it a more boho vibe. You can incorporate all of these details into your headscarf like this Fashionista through PacSun.

Spotted: Brightly patterned headscarves were seen in Dolce&Gabbana’s spring 2013 ready-to-wear collection.


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