ACCESSORIES REPORT: Revolutionary Kicks

Accessories Report

Over the past few seasons, we’ve bared witness to the second most notable resurrection in all of history. I’m talking stylish sneakers, what else? Whether they be wedged, platform or an ode to the revolutionary and legendary Nike, sneakers are here to stay and I am THRILLED about it. Fashionistas/os, the time has come to lace up and put our foot down against “beauty is pain”. Who’s leading this movement, you ask? This week’s Fashionista.

Spotted coming back from a school club fundraiser, this week’s Fashionista demonstrates what it means to be effortlessly cool and comfortable. Her red Keds tennis shoes paired against her dark H&M skinny jeans add the perfect punch of color, separating themselves from just an ordinary sneaker. A collegiate-wear connoisseur, this Fashionista proves her loyalty to the athletic accessory movement with her crewneck college sweatshirt.

The most notable pieces of her look, however, are in juxtaposition with what is commonly associated with sneakers and sweats. This, my friends, is what declares her a true Fashionista. Being sure not to sweat the technique of adding feminine flair to athletic wear, she dons delicate pieces of jewelry with a ring and earrings. The turquoise in her aztec inspired earrings complement her red sneaker and create a vibe unique to her style. Similarly, the ring adds an unconventional touch, and what fashion fiend doesn’t love that?

Are you convinced to join the movement, ditching stilettos for revolutionary sneakers and snug sweatshirts? I know I am, thanks to this sweet and sporty Fashionista. Make Nike proud and “Just Do It”; I know you want to.

Spotted: Lacoste took advantage of upgrading basics, spinning the around the sneaker to give it instant fashion cred.


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