ACCESSORIES REPORT: Reminiscing About The ’90s

Accessories Report

The year is 2013, but taking a gander at fashion trends today, one can see the resurrection of fashion from the ’90s are making a comeback. One accessory that I think that has taken a break from the mainstream since the 90′s are chokers, but just like other ’90s trends I see chokers are slowly making a comeback in fashion. I actually saw a choker being worn by a stunning Fashionista this week, and I knew that I had to profile her outfit!

I had seen this Fashionista on my small school campus many times throughout the semester, and every time I had seen her she always had on a glamorous outfit. It actually had snowed the day before, and it was quite cold outside, but that didn’t stop this Fashionista from dressing well and looking spectacular. Her outfit was full of bright cheerful colors contrasted with black. This combo not only created a eye-appealing appearance, but also made the outfit standout in the white snow that had blanketed the whole campus. I adored the look she was going for with by pairing high-top Converses with knee-high socks. I felt that her skirt complemented her T-shirt really well by matching the blues and pinks within each apparel.

To finish her outfit off she had a jean vest topped off with a black cardigan. This combo looked like it kept her warm, but was fashionable and cute all at the same time. She had two accessories that I thought was awesome, which were her fingerless gloves and a ’90s themed choker. The gloves were both functional and fashionable, and the choker was the accessory that I think made her outfit sensational. The choker was a blast from the past and seeing how trends from the ’90s are making a comeback; I have a feeling this Fashionista is ahead of the fashion trend curve and foreshadowing the start of a choker comeback! One word of advice I would like to leave you is to keep a eye out for the comeback of chokers in 2014. Chokers are cute and will always add some pizzazz to your outfit if you choose to accessorize with one.

Spotted: The Miu Miu spring 2014 ready-to-wear collection showcases beautiful models accessorizing with various chokers. Check out this collection for inspiration on how to pair chokers with your outfits!


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