ACCESSORIES REPORT: Recruit Some Cowboy Boots

Accessories Report

One of the many benefits to going to school in Texas is the ability to wear cowboy boots. Now, I’m not saying that in other places cowboy boots are unacceptable, but somehow in Texas it just seems like the right thing to wear. Everyday, no matter where I am or what I seem to be doing, I always see someone wearing cowboy boots. From tailgating at football games to going out for dinner at night, I have certainly learned how to accessorize any outfit with this Texas staple.

I spotted this Fashionista because of her awesome boots. Her boots are worn, giving them a weathered and loved look. I think this is a clear sign that she has gotten a lot of use out of them! Paired with jeans, a simple cream top and a neutral jacket, the boots add a unique feel to her look.

What I love the most about this outfit is that it is so simple and versatile. The pieces in my closet that I wear and love the most are those pieces that look good going anywhere. This Fashionista looks as if she could go to lunch with friends, on a date or even just to class. She looks effortlessly chic, which is something that I personally strive for when I get dressed. Surprisingly, it is harder to do than it may seem. However this Fashionista, with her cool boots and easy to wear pieces, does it perfectly.

Spotted: Take a cue from the Marc Jacobs spring 2014 ready-to-wear collection, that features a lot of boots and a lot of neutrals!


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