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It is often said that real men wear pink. While I think it takes a lot to define what a real man is, I do love this popular phrase that has emerged in the fashion world. Pink always used to be thought of as a girly color, but the world is changing day by day. “Real men wear pink” was an aim to change the way people thought and push the limits. It worked, too. A man wearing pink in today’s day and age is hardly uncommon.

I like bringing up fashion topics like this because there are so many revolutionary changes that can take place, especially when talking about men. That is why I was very happy to meet this Fashionisto. He sported a scarf in a way that not every man usually does. Casually thrown around his neck and over his nice sweater, this scarf was meant to be a fashion statement.

Of course scarves are functional, especially in the winter. Scarves are also fashionable though. We can see it easily with women as scarves have become a staple for every woman’s wardrobe. The same cannot be said of men. I love how this Fashionisto wanted to push the limits and made the scarf the centerpiece of his wardrobe.

This outfit also works really well because there are layers that play well with the scarf. Glasses and dark jeans top off a very sophisticated look. It is such a nice ensemble for class, studying, finals and whatever else might come his way during the day. College Fashionistos can never go wrong with a classy, put together but casual look. Trust me, women dig it.

So Fashionistos, next time you want to try something different, I highly recommend taking a second look at scarves. Yes, they can keep you warm. Yes, women use them as a fashion statement. Yes, you can too! Real men wear scarves.

Spotted: Alexander Wang’s fall 2013 ready to wear collection puts a very interesting spin on men’s scarves.


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