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As the weather gets colder and less tolerable, it becomes a lot more difficult to summon the motivation to put on makeup, do your hair or wear anything but leggings and sweatshirts. This Fashionista has orchestrated a flawless formula to looking presentable and feeling comfortable all at once — a dream come true, right?

This formula all starts with the glasses. My morning has definitely cut down immensely since I’ve ditched my contacts and given my glasses a full time job! When you wear glasses, they tend to eliminate the need for eye makeup or foundation. Usually you can get away with just a little concealer and lipstick, and people will totally think you put an effort in! Plus, glasses make a simple outfit twice as exciting. My personal favorites are these sassy cat-eye frames from Warby Parker. They’re versatile enough to look good with any outfit and any color, but they’re also not distracting.

The next step is to throw on your favorite pair of statement leggings and boho top. Sometimes when I’m really low on time, I just wear this to bed. This Fashionista has sprung for jeans that she paired with the perfect black bootie. This is what really screams, “Look, I tried. I swear!” Once it’s a bit warmer outside, it’s okay to throw on a scarf or statement necklace and call it a day. As for now, this Fashionista is getting as many wears out of her outbound jacket as she can. Trust me, these jackets are a safe haven for the winter time.

Now that you’ve got your formula for getting ready for school in 20 minutes, your body will be so much happier with you now that it gets a few more minutes of shut-eye. If you are lucky enough to have your sight (unlike some of us) but would still like to rock some bold frames, don’t shy away from the faux frames! Those can be picked up at basically any store that has any sort of eyewear section.

Spotted: Ruffian incorporated some rad circle sunglasses into their fall 2013 collection that look perfect in the summer sun! It just might take us a few more cold days to get to these shades worked into your wardrobe.


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