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A true Fashionista never lets a little rain get in the way of her fabulous ensembles! If anything she takes advantage of the crumby weather to try out some fashionable rain gear!

As you can see this Fashionista does just that! Matching her Burberry rain boots with her J.Crew puffer vest is the first tip that this Fashionista shares with us. I know most of us have only one pair of rain boots but when picking your rain boots it is important to pick a neutral color that will go with most of your outfits. Imagine if this Fashionista were wearing a pair of purple rain boots, something would definitely not be right. That being said, if you do have a bright hued pair of rain boots, (I personally love red or yellow) make sure you have a few outfits that you can rotate when you wear them.

Next, the umbrella. Of course the most important aspect of picking an umbrella is utility but there are so many fabulous umbrellas out there these days that this shouldn’t even be a concern! This Fashionista picked red to match the red stripes in her boots and to add another color to her ensemble. However, I am a fan of printed umbrellas! I love my printed Lilly Pulitzer umbrella, this umbrella matches almost nothing but it definitely makes a statement as I walk down the streets of Boston! Rainy days can be a drag so use this opportunity to spice up your day a little bit with a fun umbrella!

Lastly, it is important to stay comfortable on rainy days. You will already be lugging around a raincoat, umbrella, and wearing rain boots so staying comfortable is key to not having an overall bad day. A pair of leggings will always work with some rain boots because they will slip right in and you won’t have to worry about your jeans not fitting in. Also, don’t over-layer. This time of year it can get extremely cold, trust me I know but walking to class can get you overheated so make sure you check the temperature before you venture out!

When you dress like a Fashionista, a little rain will never ruin your day!

Spotted: alice + olivia know what boots to wear on a rainy day!


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