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It’s funny how Valentine’s Day and Carnival happen during the same time. While in the U.S. everyone is celebrating their loved ones — boyfriends, girlfriends, family, what not — in Brazil, people are doing the exact opposite: running away from relatives, dumping their girlfriend or boyfriend, and kissing pretty much any cute guy or girl in sight. After all, “é carnaval,” as if that makes it ok.

It’s a time of utter chaos, where people scatter the streets under the excuse of wanting to listen to samba, but really only to see and be seen, if you know what I mean (that wasn’t supposed to rhyme). The motto is: “live like there is no tomorrow”, but the fact is there is a tomorrow.

Now, obviously, this isn’t every one; I for one am on the Valentine’s Day side and I’m guessing this Fashionista too. I loved her heart ring, very cute, simple and modern. It’s something you that you can wear easily and is a very cheap investment.

You know those little accessories you randomly buy at the mall when there’s nothing better to do —exactly! Except this one you won’t regret, and if it breaks there’s many more where that came from, for like five bucks. As you can tell by her wardrobe choice, it goes with a lot of styles, with kind of skater/surfer like hers, girly-er like mine and even punk for a softer touch. Here are options of heart rings that are just as adorable: a pink heart ring (the obvious choice), a crystal two-finger ring (those are so cool) and this open heart ring, literally.

Spotted: Honor’s New York Fashion Week presentation featured heart-shaped outfits and even small hearts just like this Fashionista’s ring.



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