Accessories Report

With the holiday season here, it seems like everyones’ favorite new accessory is their peppermint mocha in the red Starbucks holiday cup. This Fashionista is no different. We all need our morning coffee! But one other thing this Fashionista can’t make it through a day without is a hand full of rings. I know I can’t leave my apartment without my favorite rings on, or I feel underdressed.

Rings are a great way to make a subtle statement every day. With so many different products out there you are sure to find a cool new statement ring or plain silver band. This Fashionista is wearing two bold rings and one silver band that people will definitely see beside her Starbucks. Costume rings are a must-have in your jewelry box because they are  low in price and on trend. You can find them at Forever 21, Nordstrom and wide variety of retailers. A down side in purchasing costume rings is the chance of having a green finger after a long day. Also, you can find sterling silver rings that are also inexpensive. You can find a lot of unique rings on Etsy that are made out of sterling silver.

Just like when picking out your outfit, you should take risks when picking out your accessories. When pairing rings, there is no rule in my opinion. If you want to wear a different ring on every finger or just one on one hand, go for it! There really aren’t any boundaries as long as you are wearing what works for you and your personal style.

Spotted: Many designers accessorize their models with rings like at the fall/winter 2013-2014 Dior runway show, the models are seen freely layering rings.


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