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Pucker up ladies. Brighten up these dull, winter days with a pop of colors on your lips! Although bright red is the typical go-to when one thinks of a vibrant lipstick, there are a variety different kinds of shades to choose from ranging from rusty oranges, purples and coral. For any occasion, there’s an eye-popping color to make your outfit look that much better.

This Fashionista is wearing a white sweater, black pants and leather riding boots. This traditionally simple outfit is livened up with a bright red lip, making it a fun, flirty outfit for class. Lipstick color should be determined strictly on the overall color theme of the outfit. A brush of pink, orange or red lipstick paired with an neutral-colored outfit is always a go. However, a red dress probably wouldn’t look the best with barbie pink lips. Choose your color and shade based on what would look the best with that outfit. Don’t be afraid to be too matchy-matchy. Bright red lipstick can look pretty hot with a red dress.

There’s a misconception that lipstick is primarily worn for “fancier” occasions. Constantly, my friends ask me why I’m wearing bright pink lipstick to class. But frankly, why not?  Wear natural eye makeup and let your lips stand out. Try not to look like a rainbow and stick with a couple colors for your outfit, and (obviously) one bright color for your lips.

Be bold, be daring and test out a variety of colors! This is your one time pass of making “duck faces” in the mirror and having it actually being socially acceptable. Experiment and pucker up!

Spotted: Check out J.Crew’s fall 2013 ready-to-wear for some great outfits that with bold red lips!


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