Accessories Report

I am so thrilled about this week’s ACCESSORIES RPORT because there are so many things that make this Fashionista’s look beyond the talk of just accessories. From the very beginning of my time at CollegeFashoinista, I promised I would find new and inventive ways for expressing personal style. Although finding new ways can be hard, it appears that it isn’t for this Fashionista. There are three things this Fashionista has going for her in this outfit that everyone can take away.

This Fashionista’s army jacket is way too cool! I have an army jacket myself and it is by far one of my favorite pieces this winter. What a great winter look without using the typical winter colors black, crème and navy. But I’m sure there are more people than myself that like it too. This identifies the first issue with this trend, how do you stand out from everyone else? This Fashionista for this week gives us the wonderful solution of a triangular fold scarf and a few personalized buttons to do the trick.

Lets start with accessory number one, the scarf. Why couldn’t I have thought of this? The idea of a triangle scarf is pretty great in the sense that you can still be kept warm, and it can be a substitution for a necklace. I think it’s a really great accent piece most people don’t think about. For this reason alone the triangular scarf can help you become separated from the crowd because I never see anyone doing this anymore.

Next is accessory piece number two, which are her buttons. For those of you who aren’t aware of the song, “Back in the U.S.S.R,” it was sung by the The Beatles. It was placed on her army jacket with a number of other pins that really define things she likes. Instantly from us talking I was aware that she liked listening to The Beatles. I think the idea of placing buttons on your army jacket is great because I learned so much about this week’s Fashionista simply from a glance of her accessories. Not only are buttons a great a small way of keeping your clothes unique but also buttons are very inexpensive. They can easily be bought online or found at flea markets. And don’t forget that James Madison is known for campaigns on campus. Next time you receive a pin from an organization on campus, grab it and pin it to your favorite winter garment. Lastly, this Fashionista did a great job finalizing her outfit with combat boots. Her accessories do a great job tying together the military look and yet express so much about her personality. What a great look!

Spotted: Céline’s fall 2012 ready-to-wear line shows how to sport a triangular scarf as well as Yohji Yamamoto.


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